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Words are pointless,for this love is speechless [entries|friends|calendar]
You Look Good In Love...

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[16 Jun 2004|11:14am]
ok i made a new journal beca use this on e is boring me....dino_kiss thats it..add it.
<A i love you. 1 THREW DEM BOWS! XXX

[11 Jun 2004|03:25pm]
Guess whos a lifeguard???

Take a wild guess....

you guesses it....jaron flipping wallace!
<A i love you. 1 THREW DEM BOWS! XXX

<3 [30 May 2004|11:52am]
[ mood | dirty ]

Last night was awesome i hung with my love,austin alfrista and chelsea,we ordered pizza and cinnasticks and i ate like the whole box by myself becasue im a fucking fat ass i did some sneezing i did re-adjusting of the boxers<33

Friday night was good too,me, austin,catherine, and cj went to the beach to see jaws excpet me and austin mainly hung with jacon and nate,but umm lots of people were there,emma, abby, becca, mandi, rachel, john, chelsea, shellie,zoe, and quite a bit more people, but yeah it was ok, we didnt watch jaws but dang we tore that taco bell up!...then when we got back from the beach we went to cjs house it was boring so me and asutin met nicole,albrista, and chelsae at the park it was sweett-hill races, spinning contests, austin eating all the pizza.....dang it was great!

Wednesday night-ETID and ET..it was pretty good except it was hot as hell and way too crowded,i hate when shows sell out, and why cant thee imperial have more room?...its soooo small....

Monday night stayed the night with austen, we picked up nicole and went to the landing event hough it was dead and then we went to wendys and i got a frosty but when we go to nicoles house she knocked i toff the car so i didnt even get any,but its ok it would have only made me fatter<3....


<A i love you. 3 THREW DEM BOWS! XXX

[24 May 2004|11:51am]
[ mood | artistic ]

holy shit ok i just called ashley or like tried to call her but i dialed the wrong number and lke some sweet old lady answered the phone and was like hello soi was like hmm is ashley therre?..and she replied with you have the wrong number DAMMIT!nad i was like hoooooooooollly shit because she was like all sweet until she like screamed dammit into my ear,it was soo funny

<A i love you. 10 THREW DEM BOWS! XXX

[24 May 2004|10:29am]
[ mood | crazy ]

DANG!!!!! i havent updated in a while but not much has been going on in my boring life basically all thats been happening is ive been hanging out witha bunch of people at different times.....austen,nicoole,nate,jacob,ashley,daniella,max,corey,emma and so on and so forth...but ither than the hanging outtedness of liofe life not much has happened ..oh except nate jumped from emmas 2 floor onto the couch and broke it,the couch that is.....wail thats it i think im hanging with austen today and possibly staying the night ,i hope my summer doesnt suck.

YOUfoigutei tsagehCANhgjaeth ghjSUCKxITwoertjoreqj

<A i love you. 5 THREW DEM BOWS! XXX

[04 May 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

HOLY SHIT!!!!DANG i cant believe i forgot to put this in my post yesterday!!!!!ok yesterday when me and alex were skipping 4th period in mr gils room we wen to the bathroom because he wanted to call chelsea and when we were in there he decided that he had to take a shit and he took a shit in the urinals and people were like coming in and when they did eh would like run across the bathroom to a stall and then finally he squezzed out like a baby shit ahahah it was a shit nugget in the urinal and he put it dang it was like the fucking sickest thing ever but none the less it was a majorlly boss experience...


<A i love you. 4 THREW DEM BOWS! XXX

DANG! [03 May 2004|07:11pm]
[ mood | ilovenicolemorethananything ]

My neck hurts really bad and im reallytired but cant fall asleep because it hurts so bad..

i hate my mom because she RUINS my life!!!And she always gets in my business when she shouldnt.

Man i wrote you back my love....did you like my card i made you?...its so sweetall the lines and stuff on the front are from REM,a jealousy issue,and pretty girls make graves,man i love them,man i love you!you are the best ever...and you alwaysmake my day!

i wish i knew how to put pictures in my posts because i would stock up on mandy moore pictures<3

I better be able to go to hardcore prom or im gunna be really mad and the only reason i wouldnt be able to go would be my mom...which means i probably cant go....DANG!!!

i dont know why but ever since i started going to lee ive had less friends or maybe its ever since i got unfat i had less friends i dont know but i have a noticably less amount of friends when i first started going to lee i hated it so much and i wished that i was still at paxon and blah blah blah but since i met nicole i took it back because if i never went to lee i would have never met nicole and my life would suck way worse!i love you so much boo!!!<333333

well i spose i dont have much left to talk about about,...<3damn

<A i love you. 4 THREW DEM BOWS! XXX

[29 Apr 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hahaha ok im at work with my mom at the ymca and on the like radio they play upstaors i can hear its the ymca song,how lame!? man i hate this dang YMCA!!! Its sooo boring and lame and i thought i wouldnt have to come back since i moved in with my dad but of course im wrong because im always wrong about everything!

well actually being with my mom today hasnt been a total drag because she took me to tj maxx and bought me some sweet ass MUDD Jeans that are flippin tight and reallly hot!!!!i spose there is a good side to her.

man i love root beer,but not as much as i love nicole..sike i defintly love root beer more ecspeccially since nicole smells like a doctors office...just playin..
I hope she's speeding on the way to the club
Trying to hurry up to get to some
Baller or singer or somebody like that
And try to put on her makeup in the mirror
And crash, crash, crash.. into a ditch!
Just Playing!)
She needs a golden calculator to divide

Man i love that song!!!!!

damn niggers<333jaron!

<A i love you. 3 THREW DEM BOWS! XXX

shellie fucking rules. [27 Apr 2004|08:01pm]
[ mood | shellie is ]

besides my girlfriend, i love shellie cause she made me a cool livejournal layout.

look at it.

<A i love you. 4 THREW DEM BOWS! XXX

[26 Apr 2004|06:49pm]
[ mood | loved ]

today was the best.....

hah first i wasnt aloowed to go to drivers ed becasue im supposedly suspended for driving to fast aroung the turn on the driving range....20 mph is not that fast....so i had to wait in BLACKmans office and then i had to go to the resource officers office with chelsea,zoe,alex,mrs nissen, brandon,and mr and mrs brandons parents, and since we deleted ljs he had no proof that i said anything and he told the offeicer i said stuff about his gf and that i would pee in his butt...hahah and the resource officer was like about to laugh..damn it was great...

and then i went to nicoles and we had a lovely afternoon and it was great...dang girl i love you so much!!!!!<333 xoxoxox


<A i love you. 1 THREW DEM BOWS! XXX

ILOVENICOLE TODEATH!!!! [25 Apr 2004|10:56pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

I LOVE NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<A i love you. 1 THREW DEM BOWS! XXX

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